Quality policy

Nuova PTM Meccanica S.r.l., has as its main focus the satisfaction of internal and external interested parties of the company itself.

It is aware that these objectives can be achieved by implementing a Quality Management System that regulates, monitors and periodically examines the company processes  designed to guarantee, towards its Stakeholders, corporate welfare to its employees; satisfaction of the quality requirements of both the product and the requests of its customers through  selective process of its suppliers of materials, machinery and equipment and transforming this into satisfaction of the expectations of the owners, management, insurance companies, banks and leasing companies in terms of corporate  sustainability and business continuity. 

In addition, further fundamental aspects that Nuova PTM Meccanica has as central topics in its company policy are undoubtedly a full proactivity in compliance with environmental and occupational safety standards as it is aware of the impact they can have on the expectations (current and future) of its employees, the local community, and the competent authorities.

To guarantee the above, the organization has decided to implement its business management system in full compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, adopting as fundamental tools of its growth the continuous improvement, the assessment of risks and opportunities, the analysis of the context in which it operates, auditing activities and periodic reviews of the top management. 

Therefore, in summary, the quality objectives are defined below:

  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of internal efficiency, considered as a tool to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of improvement of the product and service offered.
  • Reduction of the risks of technical and commercial failures and elimination/reduction of waste, as much as possible.
  • Assess risks and opportunities.
  • Timely responses to questions and issues submitted by customers.
  • Timely responses to the request for documentation and economic estimates.
  • Timely shipping.
  • Communication, dissemination of the Quality Policy, objectives, and implementation programs, through specific communication plans and information activities in order to understand the company's commitments inside and outside the Organization.
  • Respect compliance obligations.
  • Consider the rules as a starting point for the definition of improvement activities.

For the implementation of the objectives, the Organization foresees the following actions:

  • Process approach – definition of processes and related activities, useful for the realization of the products / services provided by Nuova PTM Meccanica S.r.l.
  • Context Analysis – understood as the determination of external and internal factors relevant to the purposes and strategic guidelines that influence its ability to achieve the expected results for its quality management system.
  • Interested Parties – anyone who may express a need or a necessity towards the strategic guidelines from Nuova PTM Meccanica S.r.l.  and which conditions its activities.
  • Compliance obligations – meaning with this item all the prescriptive aspects that arise from all the rules applicable to the activities carried out by Nuova PTM Meccanica S.r.l. , including any contractual obligations signed with the customer;
  • Risk Assessment – systematic process of assessing the risks associated with the processes, activities, context analysis, needs and requirements of the interested parties, defining in a preventive manner the impact on the realization of the product / service by Nuova PTM Meccanica S.r.l.  or on the achievement of the objectives defined by the Management.
  • Continuous improvement – only an analytical, objective evaluation and shared awareness approach can ensure that the Continuous Improvement process is viable.
  • Periodic monitoring of the system, competent resources, evaluation of the identified data and quality indicators are strategic tools for the implementation of the Continuous Improvement of its quality management system. 

The Company's Top Management is therefore actively involved in achieving the above objectives and in the involvement, consultation, awareness, and training of all staff.

The Quality Policy is subject to periodic review by the Top Management, in order to disclose up-to-date information on the company's quality strategies.

Top Management

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