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Nuova PTM live centres and drivers are good-looking, high performance, long-lasting and have the right performance/price ratio, an aspect that surely can’t be overlooked. 

Nuova PTM is synonymous with precision engineering. For some years now we have been specialising in manufacturing specialist made-to-order equipment, designed by the client or through our own design services, thanks to a technical office operated with considerable experience and expertise. But the department that represents the backbone of the company is without doubt the one that produces rotating live centres, fixed live centres and drivers, essential equipment for anyone involved in turning, grinding and gear cutting.

At first glance they appear to be the same as the products of our competitors. But the success of this line is to be found in the accuracy of the design and manufacturing. All components are made exclusively inside super-equipped workshops with the latest generation of work centres, while the commercial parts, such as bearings, are sourced and selected solely from the most reputable leading suppliers. Before being released onto the machine tool circuit, they are meticulously tested. It should not be forgotten that Nuova PTM also carries out precision mechanical engineering under sub-contract and manufactures precision vices and equipment. This means that the live centres and drivers are the result of rigorous testing performed directly during the in-house production stages. The most crucial testing takes place directly in the workshop. 



The final result is a truly comprehensive catalogue that includes:

live centres for turning

- rotating live centres for medium and high loads

- live centres with variable axial load

- face drivers

- complete boxes with live centre and spare centres

live centres and vices for grinding

- live centres

- face drivers

- pneumatic-mechanical vices

fixed live centres in stainless steel, with Widia tips and interchangeable centres

rotating and fixed live centres for high precision gear cutting