Company details

Company name:

  • Nuova PTM Meccanica s.r.l.
  • VAT and Tax Ref. N: 02403881200
  • Iscrizione R.E.A.: 437204
  • Head office and production site
    via G. di Vagno, 15
    40053 Valsamoggia Loc. Monteveglio (BO) Italy


  • 2500mq total coverage
    (200sqm of commercial/administrative offices + 2300sqm of production departments)
  • Covered area for loading/unloading operations
  • Discovered area for moving vehicles
  • Warehouse area for raw materials
  •  Logistics area for finisched products/shipping

Standard products

  • Turning Line:
    - Rotating livecenter for medium loads
    - Rotating livecenter for high loads
    - Rotating livecenter with variable axial load
    - Face drivers
    - Complete box kits
  • Grinding Line:
    - Rotating livecenter
    - High speed Rotating livecenter
    - Pneumo-mechanical vices
  • Fixed livecenter line:
    - Dead centers
    - Reduction bushings
    - Complete box kits
  • Gear-cutting line
    - High precision rotating livecenter
    - Drivers for gear cutters, couplings, reduction rings
  • Special equipment
    - Tension pins
    - Control instruments

Special tools (on request)

  • Spring grippers for tooth grinding
  • Tension pins for tooth grinding (hydraulic or mechanical)
  • Tools for cutting bevel gears
  • Pins for gear hobbing
  • Equipment for piece-handling robots
  • Hydraulic expansion grippers
  • Elastic deformation membrane for turning and grinding
  • Grinding-wheel support flanges
  • Piece-handling systems (loading and unloading)
  • Deburring machines
  • Brushing machines
  • Marking machines


Processing machines


Milling Department

  • Nr.1 5-axis machining center DOOSAN VC630/AX
  • Nr.1 5-axis machining center/continuous EMCO MAXXMILL 500
  • Nr.1 5-axis machining center EMCO MAXXMILL500
  • Nr.1 DOOSAN VC430 work center
  • Nr.1 MAZAK NEXUS VCN510 machining center – X1050 Y500 Z500
  • Nr.1 HERMLE C800U machining center – X800 Y600 Z500 with continuous divider
  • Nr.1 4-axis machining center EUMACH 1100 – X1016 Y640 Z640
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO ACE V 400 machining center – X560 Y400 Z570 with pallet change
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO ACE VC500 machining center – X760 Y700 Z510 with pallet change
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO ACE SERIES HC500 machining center – X850 Y700 Z750 with pallet change
  • Nr.1 DOOSAN ACE SERIES HC500 machining center – X850 Y700 Z750 with pallet change
  • Nr.1 ZPS MCFV1060 machining center – X1016 Y610 Z760
  • Nr.1 ALCOR 220 traditional milling machine

Turning department

  • Nr.1 DOOSAN GT2100B lathe machine with bar loading TOP
  • Nr.1 DOOSAN PUMA 240 lathe machine
  • Nr.1 DOOSAN PUMA 400LM lathe machine – Ømax 550mm L=2000mm with driven tools
    controlled support
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO PUMA 300 lathe machine with bar loading LNS
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO PUMA 200S lathe machine with double spindle
  • Nr.1 DAEWOO PUMA 230B lathe machine
  • Nr.2 COMEV SPEED 26 self-learning lathe machine Ømax 280mm L=1500mm
  •  Nr.1 CMT URSUS 250 self-learning lathe machine Ø500 L=1000mm
  • Nr.1 GRAZIANO SAG 210 traditional lathe machine

Grinding department

  • Nr.1 CN LIZZINI IG FM universal grinding machine int./ext.
  • Nr.1 CN STUDER S31 universal grinding machine int./ext.
  • Nr.1 CN STUDER S33 universal grinding machine int./ext.
  • Nr.1 KELLENBERGER 600U universal grinding machine int./ext. H=175mm L=650mm
  • Nr.1 RIBON RUR-H800 universal grinding machine int./ext.
  • Nr.1 Flat grinding machine  FAVRETTO MC130  1290 x 500


EDM Department

  • Nr.1 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MV1200S wire EDM – X300 Y400 Z220
  • Nr.1 MITSUBISHI FX20K wire EDM – X350 Y450 Z300
  •  Nr.1 OCEAN OCT3525 ZA micro drilling machine EDM

Testing and Quality Control Department

  • Nr.1 ZEISS CONTURA 3D measuring machine – X700 Y1000 Z600
  • Nr.1 MITUTOYO UMM-353 3D measuring machine – X300 Y500 Z300
  • Nr.1 MITUTOYO ROUNDTEST RA-2100 roundness meter Ømax300 Z450
  • Nr.1 MITUTOYO LINEAR HEIGH 600 altimeter
  • Nr.1 Durometer HRC-HB
  • Nr.1 Profiles projector BATY R14



Accessory Machines

  • Nr.1 Vertical warehouse MODULA LIFT
  • Nr.1 Laser marking machine LASIT FLEX MARK
  • Nr.1 Packaging machine APM
  • Nr.1 Vulcanization machine
  • Nr.1 Shaper CAMS maximum width 20mm
  • Nr.1 Sandblaster NORBLAST
  • Nr.1 Sharpening NESI S.500
  • Nr.1 Automatic sawing machine RÜSCH TOP SAW 320
  • Nr.1 Automatic sawing machine RÜSCH 260/320 AF
  • Nr.1 Radial drill WEBO BR35V
  • Nr.8 Column drills
  • Nr.1 Induction welding machine
  • Nr.1 Wire welding machine
  • Nr.2  Compressors ATLAS COPCO



Human resources 

  • Desing department
    2 employees (softwares ProE, Solid Edge)
  • Sales department
    4 employees
  • Administration
    2 employees
  • Production departments
    24 employees
  • Assembly department
    1 employee
  • Logistic and shipping department
    1 employee
  • Testing and quality control department
    2 employees