Refined and intelligent design, precision workmanship carried out by skilled CNC machine operators, meticulous testing and a natural disposition for perfection: this is our way of producing everything our company has in its catalogue.

Emilia Romagna is a region with a strong vocation for precision engineering, but some companies do it better than others. There is probably a natural inclination in our local people, just consider the excellent skills in the field of motor engineering: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, are names that are famous the whole world over. But let us not overlook the automatic machinery sector, which has its stronghold in precisely our region, with Groups that have become famous by virtue of their high levels of technology and the intelligence of the solutions they offer. When this natural vocation is also joined by passion, the mix is surely a winning one, as is true of our own company set up just a few years ago when it was taken over by three young partners, but with solid work experience and an instinctive inclination to manufacture good products.  Today Nuova PTM is known to its customers as a company run along modern lines, one that is well-organised, well-structured, solid and capable, recognised for its production capacity and expertise in precision engineering. 


There are five main production departments, all run impeccably:

- complete production line with rotating live and dead centres, drivers for turning, grinding and gear cutting

- a specific department for the design and manufacture of special equipment made to order, expanding mandrels, control loops and eccentricity test benches

- a new line of high-precision simple or modular vices made in stainless steel

- a line of calipers, control and measuring instruments

- an entire department dedicated exclusively to precision engineering sub-contracting services on all types of metal, including titanium

Development is ongoing and investments needed to keep a modern machine tool inventory must be continual and constant to maintain high quality standards. Over the last 5 years we have been an exception to the rule.

Despite the serious economic and production crisis that has decimated Italy of so many excellent and well-established companies, Nuova PTM has expanded, acquired new areas of expertise, increased output, taken on more staff, purchased new equipment and made its communication and commercial aspects more dynamic. We believe in our work; we are confident of our passion and we are optimists by nature. Some also say we are good at what we do and know what we are doing. Maybe these are all the ingredients of a perfect formula.

Or perhaps our virtue lies in our team spirit; because at Nuova PTM WE ARE INDEED a great team.