Deburring machine

Deburring machine for gears


We are experienced designers and builders of precision equipment for machine tools with particular focus on turning, grinding and toothing. Watch the website of the burring machine for gears. 

As professionals in the precision machine tooling sector, we have designed a burring machine for straight or helical gears, manual or automatic loading, that is flexible, easy to operate, safe and fast, even for large gears:

  • up to 450 mm working diameter
  • up to 600 mm working height
  • up to module 10 workable

Precise, fast (2 mandrels) and controllable (4 adjustment axes per mandrel), it has an extensive loading and control surface of the gears being processed. 

Chiefly used to eliminate burrs arising from the toothing process, it can also be used after heat treatments because the standard version uses hard metal mills. Ideal for small, medium and large series.


  • automatic mandrel (for automatic loading)
  • automatic door opening (with pneumatic actuator)
  • suction system (work area cleaning)